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Dr. Keller Wortham


Did you know that this year marks my 15th year practicing medicine in Los Angeles?!  :And that I have spent the last 13 of them working at Optimum Wellness? I am so grateful to the L.A. community and Optimum Wellness for the wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge and practical skills within the field of holistic medicine and continue providing a comprehensive and alternative option for health care. Although I have been at Optimum Wellness for over 13 years, some of you may still be unfamiliar with me and my philosophy on medicine. My medical education at Georgetown University was fairly “traditional.” However, years of working as a general practitioner have shown me the importance of holistic and alternative medicine. At Optimum Wellness I have strived to develop and expand our mission to provide our patients with another option to the “routine” medical care that is offered at other family and general practices. This mission includes empowering patients to better understand their conditions and their treatment options. It includes a global and holistic approach that examines the different ways that life and lifestyle affect health.

As my patient, you can be sure that I will never rush to prescription fixes, and will take time to examine how other factors like diet, exercise, environmental exposure, stress and mental health, hormones, previous medications, etc., may be affecting your health. Additionally, I have extensive knowledge of when nutritional and natural remedies can be a safe and effective alternative to prescription medicine, and when they are not. My goal is also to practice preventative medicine and to discuss appropriate investigative and screening techniques that make sense for you and your specific needs.

Additionally, over the last 10 years I have been increasingly turning to Regenerative Medicine as a viable treatment option for my patients. This cutting‐edge field uses the body's own inherent abilities to heal itself and is revolutionizing the way we look at health care. At Optimum Wellness we perform procedures with various types of stem cells and other biologics like platelet rich plasma (PRP), giving our patients an alternate to surgeries and medications, and treating conditions for which other options are not readily available.

Whether you come to us for a wellness check, a sore throat, high blood pressure or blood sugar, a sports injury or joint pain, fatigue, hormonal questions, sleep issues, weight loss issues, or many other concerns, know that I will take time to discuss the big picture with you, to examine the many ways your life and environment can be influencing your health, and to find the best options for bringing you to a place of better‐or optimum‐wellness.

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