Dr. Keller Wortham Bio


Dr. Keller Wortham is a General Practitioner with a specialty in alternative and regenerative medicine who practices at Optimum Wellness Medical Group in Glendale.

Wortham believes the first step to a healthy life is understanding the body. Therefore, he always devotes time educating his patients on their individual health so they can participate in decisions about it.

Over the last decade practicing medicine, Dr. Wortham has developed a clinical practice that combines traditional medicine with alternative, natural, and preventative treatments. These include diet and lifestyle modifications, natural remedies, bio-identical hormone therapy, and comprehensive blood analysis.

Through the use of stem cells, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP), Dr. Wortham also harnesses the body’s healing potential to perform injection treatments for various conditions from joint injury to arthritis.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2004, Dr. Wortham has expanded his outreach through various television and internet programs. He hosted and co-wrote the educational health show “What Happens Next” on VERIA TV and has appeared as a guest on the hit medical series “The Doctors.” Dr. Wortham has also appeared as a medical expert on E! (“True Hollywood Stories”), Nat Geo (“Fight Science”) and MTV (“Excess All Areas”). Because of his focus on obesity and its related illnesses, Dr. Wortham was asked to consult and co-host the Lifetime TV series “Lovehandles,” where he joined a team of specialists to help overweight couples get their health and relationships back on track

Dr. Wortham received his B.A. from Duke University, his M.D. from Georgetown University, and trained in Internal Medicine at The University Of Pittsburgh.

Office Website: https://www.optimum-wellness.net/

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