I just want to thank Optimum Wellness/Doctor's for the prolo treatments I received when I injured my neck/3 disc bulge. The prolo treatments allowed me to turn my neck, and sleep on my side without feeling neck pain. The doctor asked if it was helping on my 3rd visit, because if not it would not be worth more treatments, I felt the doctor really cared about me being pain free and not just continue treatments and take my money. How many doctors truly care; most continue to take your money and do treatments that are not helping (all about money and not care for the patient). I believe I had 6 or 7 treatments it all depends on your neck problem/reason for pain. I am so very glad for the prolo treatments which are natural and not steroids or cortisone. Prolo is a good option instead of drug medications or even surgery. The prolo helped my healing process. Thankful for Prolo.

Sincerely, GDR


If you are considering PRP or Prolotherapy, Dr. Wortham and his team at Optimum Wellness Group are the best of the best. Dr. Wortham's knowledge, skill, professionalism and caring made the treatment pleasant, easy and stress free. And the best part it works! My left knee (torn Meniscus) and right shoulder (Bicep Tendinitis) are now pain free and 100% better. I whole heartedly and unreservedly recommend Dr Wortham to anyone seeking PRP or Prolotherapy treatment.

Regards, D.U.

I want you to know that I think of you often and I talk about you and prolotherapy to anyone that tells me they have back pain. I tell them how you saved my life and that you are my Angel. Because of you I am able to walk without pain and I have a full life. I don't know what I would of done without your help and prolotherapy. You are truly my Angel. I want you to know that I am doing well. I also want you to know that I am and will always be grateful to you for your kindness to me. You were going through so much yourself, with your family and all, but you always made me feel like I was special to you and there are no words to describe how wonderful you made me feel. You are a very special lady and I thank God I have had the gift of having you in my life. I also want to tell you what happened to me a few years ago...my daughter and I met a lady who was selling her pottery supplies and I asked her why she was selling them. Come to find out that she had a back operation, just like the one all those doctors wanted me to have. Since her first operation she had four more and she said she was going back for her fifth because she was loosing the feelings in her legs. I felt so sorry for her. I then realized how truly blessed I was. When I was confronted with the 4 doctors that wanted me to have the same back operation, there was one that took me aside and said to me, "I know a back operation is the in-thing to do, but chances are you could be a little better or a whole lot worse. So if it was me, I would not do it. Thank God for this doctor. Then I went on a search for pain management and by the Grace of God I was led to you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do and have done. You are forever my Angel. Loads of love and many Blessings to you and yours,

L. R.

When I came in for my first Prolotherapy treatment eighteen months ago all I could do was just go to work and come home, and I don't know how I did that. I was in such severe, constant pain in my neck that I had not been able to lie down to sleep in 2 1/2 years. After my first treatment I went home and got a good night's sleep in my bed. It was wonderful. The pain was gone! I've done very well, and I've only needed two more treatments for very mild discomfort. But the best part is now I have a life. I have a new and successful business, and I'm having a great time with my family. I get to socialize, and I've returned to my studies. Now I can work happily for twelve to eighteen hours a day! Dr. Shields has done a wonderful job with me, and I tell everyone about it.


Before I did this, I was in excruciating pain daily. Just walking was painful. Going up and down stairs was a major feat. I felt degraded and was very unhappy. I felt like an invalid and I'm only 30 years old. It made me miserable. Running was totally out of the question and I previously ran marathons! It had been a major part of my life and I've always been very active. After one treatment I felt much better. Literally, as I was getting the treatment, the pain started going away. It was instant relief! Instant. I was amazed because I have tried everything under the sun, moon and stars over the past two years to handle this. I can walk and stand for long periods of time now. I can walk up and down stairs without it taking 10 minutes for two flights! I can even run a good 100 yards without a problem. It might not sound like much, but I tell you, it's like unbelievable to me. I really, truly feel it's given me my life back. I'm not joking. I don't feel like an invalid anymore. I don't feel inadequate. I'm not upset all the time because I can't live a normal life. It's really incredible. I'm very thankful for Dr. Sheilds being so dedicated to finding treatments to help people deal with bodies and living easily with them.


Prolotherapy has allowed me to practice and train relatively pain free for the first time in 25 years. After a serious shoulder and neck injury in college, I have experienced moderate pain while working and training. Only Chiropractic adjustments, several times per week, were able to relieve the discomfort. With the addition of Prolotherapy, the adjustments have been reduced to once per week and more importantly, I am no longer experiencing pain that would force me to reduce my practice hours and training regimen.

A.A. Doctor of Chiropractic

After enduring 1 year of extreme pain and using every type of pain medication, I decided to try Prolotherapy. Today I am 99.9% pain free without the use of any medication. Thanks to Dr. Megan and Prolotherapy. I look forward to the day.


At sixteen, J.S., a professional ballet dancer, was already starting to feel the strain on her back and hips, often dancing through pain. She came to Dr. Sheilds for treatment and decided to try Prolotherapy. After her first treatment, she noticed increased strength and endurance and after two treatments she was dancing completely pain-free in her back and hips. She was so pleased that she had her ankles treated, which were starting to bother her. J.S. now dances without pain, a claim few ballerinas can make. It's incredible. I have twice the strength and three times the flexibility I had before. I can dance and dance and I'm not tired and I have no pain.


My ankle was very painful and people wanted to operate. I didn't. Then I heard about Dr. Shields and Prolotherapy. After Prolo, I was able to ski mogels hard for the first time in years. And, I have won 2 more world championships as a bonus. Thank you.

Bob Salerno
World Champion
Free Style Snow Skier

I came to Dr. Shields 18 months ago for my first Prolotherapy treatment. (At the time, it was all I could do to just go to work and come home. I had no other life and I still don't know how I did that except through sheer will.) I was in pain 24 hours a day and I had not laid down on my bed at night to sleep. After my first treatment, I laid down to get a good night's sleep after 2  years of not being able to lie down! It was wonderful. The pain was gone and I did extremely well for 1 year. I came back a year later to have another treatment, but I now had a life and the pain had only recently returned and only mildly. I, again, 4 months later, decided to come in one more time as I just have very mild stress. I now have a new successful business. I'm having a great time with my family, I get to socialize and I've returned to my studies. I now work 12-18 hours a day, happily! Dr. Megan Shields has done a wonderful job with me. I tell everyone about it that I think is a candidate for Prolotherapy.


As a gardener turned landscaper, who also used the computer way too much for ten years, I eventually began to feel the annoying pain of carpal tunnel syndrome. Through a friend, I learned of Prolotherapy. I did not want to engage in invasive surgery and time-consuming post-physical therapy. So I read the book and educated myself about a procedure I knew nothing about. I was prepared for four visits to address the carpel tunnel; I was amazed to feel immediate results after just one treatment. Not only that, but I have not had to alter my usage of hands and fingers (well maybe some). I am also being treated for tendonitis in my other arm. Once again, I expect Prolotherapy to assist in alleviating the nagging pain that has persisted for weeks! Thank you Dr. Megan Shields.


This beautiful ballerina dances without pain because of Prolotherapy. She has had treatment of her back, hips, and ankles. In her words, "Because of Prolotherapy, I dance without pain, which is unusual in the ballet world. Prolotherapy has given me twice the strength and three times the flexibility I had before treatment". Currently she is dancing in Europe.


I've had two treatments for the back problem I've had for 40 years. It has been months since the second treatment and I haven't had any trouble. I work hard with no attention on my back "going out", and love every minute of it. I used to have to be careful of how I lifted or turned, now I just do whatever I do. This is really an amazing treatment. Thank you Dr. Shields, thank you very, very much.


Hello Dr. Shields,

You can count me as one of your success stories. I am now in the middle of conducting a run of operas, and am almost completely pain free. Over the last several years I tried the occasional prolotherapy injection, with limited success. It wasn't until I had three treatments last spring that I really noticed the effect. It was really my last hope before surgery, and it worked! I am conducting and playing cello with no problems or pain. Quite amazing to find something that actually improves my health at age 63. Thanks again.


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