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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem Cell Therapy is a cutting-edge treatment within the field of Regenerative Medicine that uses the body’s own healing power to restore itself.  Stem Cells are “undifferentiated” cells that can mature into various specialized cells whose functions restore injured and degenerated tissues.  Our Stem Cell treatments use “Mesenchymal Stem Cells” which have the ability to form osteoblasts (bone forming cells), chondrocytes (cartilage forming cells), and myocytes (muscle forming cells).  These cell lines are crucial in repairing bone and cartilage, and therefore provide a promising treatment for damaged joints, ligaments, and tendons due to conditions like injury and arthritis.  We also use "amniotic allograft," from amniotic fluid donated from healthy pregnant mothers upon their delivery. Amniotic fluid provides many of the growth factors that initiate healing process in the body. 

How does the Stem Cell Procedure work?

Stem cells are located in several unique areas of the body.  Two main sources of the Mesenchymal Stem Cells we use are the bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue.  These cells are from fat around the abdomen by a mini-liposuction procedure, or from the marrow of the hip bone (iliac) and then spun in a centrifuge to be separated and concentrated.   No other additives, chemicals, or manipulations are involved.  In the case of amniotic allograft, amniotic fluid is donated by pregnant mothers after being extracted during a healthy C-section delivery. The fluid is then purified and analyzed much like a donated blood product. After assurance of quality and safety, it is sent frozen to our office to be thawed for later use. In all cases, the pure, concentrated stem cells are then re-injected into the treatment area.  These reinvigorating cells then begin the repair process by stimulating the growth of new cells and replacing those which are damaged.

The entire procedure is safe, relatively painless, and efficient.  In approximately one hour you will be on your way to a healthier body.  

Conditions Treated with Stem Cell Therapy

A list of commonly treated conditions:

Knee Injuries
Shoulder Injuries
Back Pain
Torn Tendons
Sprains & Strains
Torn Cartilage
Sports Injuries
Tennis Elbow
Heel Spurs
Plantar Fasciitis

Stem Cell FAQs

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are “undifferentiated” or “pluripotent” cells that can mature into specific cell types needed for helping repair tissue in areas that are injured or damaged.
Stem cells are different from other cells because they have the ability to create copies of themselves (self-renewal), and to divide for a long period of time.  They can differentiate into specialized cells with distinct functions, thus adapting to and fulfilling a wide array of needs for repairing damaged, degenerated, and injured body areas.

Who can get Stem Cell Therapy?

Almost anyone can receive Stem Cell Therapy, and all ages can benefit.  If the condition is one that will respond to regenerative medicine, there are very few cases in which a person would not be a suitable candidate.  A consultation with one of our experienced doctors will determine if Stem Cell Therapy could benefit you.

Is Stem Cell Therapy safe?

In the hands of a competent practitioner, Stem Cell Therapy is a safe and less invasive alternative to many surgeries.  During your consultation one of our doctors will go over the relative risks in more detail and focus on your particular condition and treatment area.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of Stem Cell treatments you will need is dependent upon your specific injury or issue, as well as other factors such as age and overall health.  In most cases, only one or two treatments will be needed to cause a significant benefit to the area being treated.

Does Stem Cell Therapy hurt?

The process does involve needles and the use of a small canula to extract the cells, however our doctors use ample local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Most patients say the pain is very manageable. Also, our patients say that the long term pain relief they get from our treatments is worth enduring a bit of short term discomfort.

What will I feel like after my Stem Cell Therapy?

Most people feel fine after their treatment and are able to return to work that same day. It is normal for the areas where the stem cells were harvested, as well as the treatment areas, to be sore for a few weeks after the treatment.  This soreness also represents part of the healing process, resulting from healthy inflammation triggered in the area.  Full restorative results occur slowly and progressively after treatment. So although you will not experience immediate 'next-day' results, your condition will continue to improve over the 3 to 6 months following treatment.

Is Stem Cell Therapy procedure right
for your condition?

Optimum Wellness remains at the forefront of alternative medicine with its Stem Cell Therapy treatments for restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Stem Cell Therapy may help you heal faster, whether it is an old nagging injury, a degenerative condition, or an injury that just occurred.

Patients, whether professional athletes, weekend warriors, or anywhere in between, have discovered Stem Cell Therapy can help heal their injuries and prevent new ones from occurring.

To find out if you are a candidate for Stem Cell Therapy, please call to schedule a consultation at 818-547-5400.

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Stem Cell Therapy Success

I am amazed with the success of stem cell for my left knee torn meniscus that has been a hindrance to me for about two years now. After just about 3-4 months I honestly feel it is healing and I can resume teaching Zumba to seniors in a few months.

Dr Wortham was so personable and knowledgeable and professional and the whole procedure was almost pain free and basically out patient.


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