V itamin IV (intravenous), often called a Myers' Cocktail, administers a concentrated dose of vitamin C, B12, B Complex as well as minerals such as zinc and magnesium and amino acids like glutathione directly into the blood stream. This treatment can be very effective because 100% of the vitamins/minerals taken via an IV are delivered to the cells in contrast to supplements taken orally which are at lower dosages and absorption rates. Thus Vitamin IVs can be a solution for those who have digestive issues. Vitamin IVs may be helpful in increasing immune function and as a supportive treatment for colds and flues, migraines, Epstein Barr, viral infections, fatigue, fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasms, asthma, allergies, and hyperthyroidism.

Patients have reported increased energy, reduced stress especially before and after surgery, and a faster healing process. Frequent travelers have reported an improvement in their jet lag symptoms.

Early clinical studies have showed high doses of Vitamin C done intravenously are helping cancer patients through chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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